Month: November 2013

What is the RAS?

What is the RAS? The functions of the reticular activating system are many and varied. Among other functions, it contributes to the control of sleep, walking, sex, eating, and elimination. Perhaps the most important function of the RAS is its control of consciousness; it is believed to control sleep, wakefulness, and the ability to consciously …

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Body Language In Sports

Body Language in Sports Sports is all about the body, movement and nonverbal communication. Teammates have to read each other’s cues, while competitors have to stake their claim and show nonverbal prowess. What are some of the body language cues in sports? Here is a rundown of the nonverbal cues you can spot while watching …

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Am I crazy?

While I was in the Chicago area doing the Basic and Master NLP I had the opportunity to train with pro fighters at a pro MMA gym, it was awesome even though I am twice the age as the fighters I got to train with people who love what they do. I am several years …

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