Month: July 2014

Alzheimer’s Could Be a Form of Down Syndrome   This is astounding work, and a link that was never seen given the way we did neuroscience only a decade ago.  Scientists are studying them together to find underlying causes!

Sabotage Part 2

The recent article on why friends and family sabotage others growth got a lot of feedback. Several wrote commenting on how this has happened to them  This is one of those things that truly are counter intuitive UNTIL you drop the conscious aspect and look at subconscious attitudes.I became aware of this “process” when i …

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For Christina Horton

Due to everything that has happened in our lives recently, we decided to dedicate this ezine to my wife Christina’s family (and many of your loved ones).  Hang in there, holidays are tough…especially when the loss is so recent. The articles below were shared with me by Billy Shilling, NFNLP’s Senior Research Scientist, who is also …

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Erotic Mind Control

New class Erotic Mind Control will be presented for the first time this fall, Venice Florida, Miami Florida, Chicago area, and New York are being planned. This course MUST be attended LIVE. The course focus is Sexual Dysfunction, then Erotic NLP & Hypnosis call for details. Day 1 sexual dysfunction and intimacy issues and how …

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