Month: March 2015

Secrets To Long Term Love

NLP TODAY – – Gmail A survey reveals many American couples are still “intensely in love” even after a decade together–and hints at the reasons why: During America’s most popular TV event, the Superbowl, one much-anticipated advertisement featuring supermodel Adriana Lima painted a pretty sad state of affairs with regards to love. Full article …

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New Vision for Psychotherapy?

Even though many of us do not practice clinical psychology or psycho therapy this is a fascinating read. It was recently on the Florida Psychology Association (which I am a member) Although many psychologists might quibble about some problems in living not being solely reducible to biology, despite the prevalence of the medical model under …

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A Secret Revealed!

Martin Luther King. Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Zig Ziglar, JFK, Gandhi, Brendon Burchard, Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Depak Chopra, what do they all have in common?  They reached the heights of their fields using the spoken word. Why? Martin Luther King was not the first preacher to speak for civil rights. Tony Robbins did not invent NLP …

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