First I would like to congratulate our new Gold Master Trainers:
Hj. Md. Taib Bin Mat of Malaysia
Abdul Aziez S Psi, Indonesia
Bipin Mayekar, India
and our Top level, Platinum Master Trainer Beryl Comar of the UAE. Great work to all of you, thanks for helping spread NLP, Hypnosis and change to the world.
I just opened in a new play, and it only has 2 people so learning the dialog (60 pages) is always interesting. In my years I have found many different ways actors learn lines. Some see the words on the play, others hear them in their head, and still others “feel” them with the movements associated with the play. Sounds like NLP in action. To me the real fun comes when the play is “live” and people drop lines or miss a cue or a movement, then you have to rely on memory. Sometimes after a scene actors are surprised when it is pointed out the missed a line as the other actors picked it up and they keep going, or you know you missed something but do not know exactly what.
The biggest thing you learn with experience is to forget it and move on in the play, and review it later.
It reminds me of the “Tape Edit” exercise I teach in trainers training, rerun the scene in you mind THE CORRECT WAY so your mind only recalls the correct info! As you all know if you dwell on the mistakes they repeat, this is an actual thing I teach other actors when I direct or work with them.
Here is a cool video to watch, from our research scientist, Capt. Billy Shilling
Elite performers in any field, Sports, acting or training have to learn to do this to advance their career. The most telling comment after the Super Bowl was “It was a good game, we will review it and work to get better next year” that was from the winner! From the team that did not win (reframe losing) “they played a great game, we will learn from this and come back stronger next year” WOW that is powerful, is it not? As was Peyton Manning not letting anyone from the media frame it as embarrassing, that is a label, and he choose not to get labeled. Did you notice most of the elite athletes had no trouble with his not saying embarrassing. (not the couch slugs or commenters who only want controversy)
I hope you all join me in the NLP 4 $ales Course and of course the Conversational Hypnosis & NLP Webinar this week, see below for details.
Till next time, Gods Speed.