How To Be More Attractive

As I have been doing a lot of research lately I also cam across this which is useful in many ways.

What do people find attractive? This is an interesting topic, and when you put the media and Hollywood aside, what THEY tell is is attractive (have you ever seen the most beautiful people list and go WHAT?)

For us mortals who deal with people it is important to know as people like to do business with attractive people. This attraction may have nothing to do with only physical aspects. In fact it is not as important as people think

So what do people find attractive?

1. Smile, this is universal and opens your energy and projects a nice image.

2.Listen & Skip small talk, ask meaningful questions about others. this is a big thing as everyone likes talking about themselves and if you ask questions and listen people place you as more attractive, interesting and intelligent! (Rapport!)

3. Be Funny. This does not mean tell jokes, laugh and get others to laugh, and do not take yourself serious all the time. (see#1)

4. Dress Nice, The old saying is still true, dress to impress, or dress for the job you want. (but that does not mean I can dress like Darth Vader or Captain America see#3)

5. Listen to Music the two types, classical and if you listen to others, stay current, so only listening to that 70’s rock, people will think, subconsciously, your stuck in the past. It also make you appear younger.

6. Be Nice & Polite, manners are attractive, rude people appear ugly, even if they are beautiful, in fact physically attractive people who are rude and mean lose all attraction.

7.  Have Friends and colleagues. The lone wolf is only attractive to a small percentage. We subconsciously know power is in groups and we are drawn to those who are in them.

8. Talk about you kids, partner, or pets. It subconsciously lets people know you commit to long term involvement WARNING  do not only talk about work, most people find that limiting.

9. Be Passionate about what you love, people love passion, even if they disagree with it.

10. Teach or Lead. People who teach others or lead are perceived to be more attractive as it projects confidence, knowledge and passion.