Build Your Practice

I have been so busy what I do, training and working with people that I have not followed through on my plan to teach those that are interested in expanding their careers as NLP and Hypnosis professionals!
Why did you first learn NLP or Hypnosis? What was that first passion like? I know that you, like me, understand that the power of the mind is awesome and want to share it with the world! The more you think about it, the more you really easily see to need to do the steps needed to grow your skills?

I taught a NLP 4 Sales class that went well and it made me realize how much I want all of you to be as successful as I have been in this field. Are you doing all you want in your office/speaking life? Do you want to see more clients, expand your speaking career and  Speak internationally?
What is your dream NLP/Hypnosis career?
Practice Builder Course: October 2014 Venice FL

Naturally we want to earn an income equal to our skill set and
Many people are experts in change work, but amateurs when it comes to building a business using those skills. We spend  money trying to do what we think is right, or we follow advice from the wrong people and waste both time and money.
Unfortunately many who teach a practice builder have never really had a true practice or speaking career if they did they only know one approach.
So what is one to do? Take a course from someone who has ran multiple offices, in different settings and let them help YOU develop a practice you want! Someone who you know has traveled the world teaching what we do!
CAUTION do not take this class if your happy with your income and type of practice. Do not SIGN UP NOW if your speaking where and when you want. This class is only for those who are ready to go to the next level!
Why take this course? I have ran 2 “SUPER” practices seeing 75 plus clients a week, in two different states. A small part time practice (earning about 1K week) a specialty practice (addictions) and worked as a Sports consultant. I have also been a clinical director of a Psych Unit, and ran an outpatient unit.
I have spoken and taught all over the world!
I know what works and what does not. I have wasted thousands of dollars taking bad advice (like build your practice speaking at charity functions, a total waste of time and energy or speak as a way to vacation, another lie) I have also broken the myth of “All my clients come from referrals, or advertising does not work (yea that’s why COKE stopped) .  But more importantly what and how to advertise in a changing world. Learn from my mistakes and save yourself time and money.
In this small hands on class we will focus on YOU and YOUR goals, one on one, groups, even speaking or training. How to do the practice you want.
Only you can convince yourself now that your finally ready to come off the bench and get into the big game.  I will teach things I have never shared before!
The regular price of this course is $995, but I am going to do the October 2014 for only $495, so sign up now.