Information for You!

“Who are you?  What do you want?  Where are you going?   It’s easy to stare at the computer screen reading some testimonial from who knows who and wonder “what would life be life if I could only…”, and you know what that is for you, it’s not going to come out of a flyer, or reading/watching a video on the internet, and what that is for you is not the same as reading how someone else did the work and made the changes.  This is one time, it’s o.k. to be personal with what your goals, dreams, and objectives are in life.  Intuitively you know the changes you want to make but for whatever reason feel too embarrassed to openly admit.  By the time you’re done reading this testimonial, my hope is you only have two questions to ask yourself.  The first being “Where do I sign up” and the second “What payment method do I use?”.  Especially being in the healing professions where we never want to risk being seen as less than ideal, especially to colleagues, who do we have to turn to when it’s time to put in the work on ourselves that has the skill and cojone’s to push us past whatever is holding us back.  For years I stopped living life, I was like a leaf floating on water.  I was there, but I wasn’t living the life I was meant to lead just barely floating from one day to the next.  Until one day, I realized I couldn’t live that way anymore, and started to sink.  I had two choices; let the darkness win, or take the risk to reach out.  Much like you’re reading this now, that day, sending out the energy brought Dr. Will’s voice reminding me the words of Mission Control “Failure is NOT an Option!”.   I’d love to say the road back was easy, but frankly, I think I made Will work to a new level some days along the way.  What never faltered was his belief in me when I couldn’t find it in myself, a professional, trained by the best of the best.  Live life with no limits – you’ve lived within your own limitations for your life and possibly even career for far too long.  One could keep impatiently waiting, getting frustrated with no progress to a new you, and you, like me, know that what you resist persists.  Reach out today and attend Will’s Life Coaching Course or his Trainers course and make the changes you want in your life now!  In the time since making that first call to Will, out in my garage, I’ve gotten back in the gym (because deep inside, we all know how credible an out of shape hypnotist is!), dropped almost 50 pounds , got my credentials and career that I absolutely love and can’t imagine doing anything else started, and I’m freeing my energy to live life and help others live their lives to the fullest.  You can do this too if you’re committed to doing the work that needs to be done – failure is not an option in your own life!  I’m eternally grateful the Universe/God/whomever/whatever led me to reaching out to Dr. Will – and I cannot wait for you to have that transformation within your own life, but I cannot make that decision for you, I cannot do the work for you.  What you can do is trust, reach out, sign up, do the work, for you, now!”