Meaning and Responsibility

As the years roll by one can get excited, or one can get burned out, how you respond depends on the meaning you place on things. As my dear friend Tony Robbins states:

“What if every problem and pain you had was life happening for you – not to you? What if that obnoxious co-worker is really there to teach you something? What if the school traffic is actually an opportunity to talk to your kids? What if your problems were gifts? How would that change things for you? We all ascribe meaning to the events in our lives, even the little things. We create definitions, and the definitions you choose can instantly transform the way you look at your entire life. If you master meaning, you master life.
So – here’s the question: Is the meaning you are giving to your life limiting you or empowering you? Right now, you can choose new, more empowering meanings for your life and create a new world for yourself and those you care about.”

A few years ago I pulled back from so much travel, and I greatly limited my one on one coaching. I did not stop, I refocused and was very selective about who I coached. I am considering pulling back even more and stopping all training and coaching, except for a select few.

I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams with what I do, and the opportunities I have had. I am changing as I am placing new meaning on what I do, who I do it for, and why I do it. My work with men with Traumatic Brain Injury has helped to focus my responsibilities. Part of which is to tell the truth.

The NLP and Hypnosis world is awash with new guru’s, via the internet, and they all claim 25 year careers and to show you how to become a millionaire using their system or training. As I say “fascinating”, most of these “experts” have no true experience, but they create a great website, and I bow to their marketing expertise.

I really love when they claim to teach you to make $10,000 a day or they make $10,000 a session, but they slup to a conference to teach. They all claim to want to give back, but they are willing to sell you their system for $. Basic human nature would say if I can make $10,000 a days or session, why would I work this hard for less? People pony up the $ and are disappointed in the results. If you truly want to give back, do it for free, Help the veterans, or people with TBI, or mentor someone for free….oh wait that is me…

As my dear wife would say, “You get what you pay for.” Buyer beware.

Next week I will share a secret that only a select few in the world know, and I will present it in a way that few will understand, but those that do will expand beyond what they can imagine.

Today is the day, Now is the time! So what meaning will you place on todays events?