Neuro Linguistic Hypnosis NLH

Neurolinguistic Hypnosis NLH

Here is the class many have asked for Neuro Linguistic Hypnosis, the course that will show you how to smoothly integrate NLP and Hypnosis effortlessly for greater impact. This course is perfect for those that have a lot of NLP and want to bring more formal trance work into their work. It is also a must for those who use hypnosis and have taken Basic& Master NLP but have trouble bringing the two together effortlessly.

This class will do a quick review of Basic NLP, Master NLP, and Basic Hypnosis, we will then work on having YOU MASTER the ability to bring the two together easily and effortlessly. Never again feel stuck for what to do with a client and feel CONFIENDENT in your abilities to choose the proper NLP technique and hypnosis induction to help your client achieve their goals.

NLP brings a complex structure that when understood and applied gives you the framework to understand your client. Hypnosis is the process to induce trance. To ensure success one must understand how to bring the two together. When done properly it is amazing and it works like magic.

Join us for a unique experience. This will be the most important course you ever take for your clinical skills. In these 5 days will finally take your skills to the next level and become the healer you truly want to be.

You dream of having the skills of a Milton Ericson, Richard Bandler, Dave Elman or Fritz Pearls, well now take your skills beyond those to new areas. You can do it, you have studied and read but you never had all the keys in one place, it’s not your fault, the answer was not there for you.

I have been there I searched and studied, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, EFT (TFT) Martial Arts, Psychology and more, then finally the system developed over years (30) and tens of thousands of client hours of experience I can share with you. I want you to succeed, but more I want you to excel.

For years Hypnosis and NLP were separated into different camps, I bridged that divide, but now many have an interest in profiting from not letting people have the true inner secrets (or they don’t know). You see it and know they keep you from achieving your potential as then you become a threat, I welcome you to the elite level.

Help me break the barriers and help take the skill sets to the next level. We stand on the shoulders of giants; let’s create a new level of skill and work together to help heal more people.

This training is 5 days that will revitalize your basic skills and give you some new skills you always wanted.

I have never taught this before and may not again, so join us for a rocking fun, fast, focused and intense training. August 27 to 31, in Florida (Sarasota Area). Regular price $1495, special $1195.

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The value priceless.