NEW! Erotic Mind Control

Naturally, everyone wants a vibrant and healthy sex life, but so many people experience frustration with their sex lives!  You hear songs, see movies, and read books that extol the ideals of life long passion…but somehow it never aligns with reality.
It starts with your parents, most of which avoid that talk about “the birds and the bees.”
Schools are quick to pass out condoms, and talk about STDs, but don’t talk about the emotions involved.
Religion and politics use shame and remorse to control your sexual behaviors.
Doctors only discuss “the medical” aspects of sex.
Psychologists and social workers use outdated “Leave It To Beaver” models, which is insane since over 55% of first marriages end in divorce!

Thanks to “Political Correctness,” SEX has been HI-JACKED!!!

The Politically Correct crowd talk about “INTIMACY,” often confusing it with “DESIRE and PASSION.”

When you talk about “Passion” and “Desire,” the chemicals in your brain LIGHT UP!!!

When you talk about “intimacy,” the neuro-pathways and chemicals in your brain calms your brain down.

Intimacy and Passion don’t nurture each other – they compete!

How many times have you heard “I love my partner, but we are more like roommates.  We share a lot, but something is missing.”

Now you can do something about it. Imagine helping others, and maybe yourself, reconciling these conflicting aspects.

What would happen…if you could learn to use Hypnosis and NLP to help others (and yourself) master the aspects of  SEX, by opening up the Erotic Mind?  Your clients could finally live that life filled with PASSION and DESIRE, and rekindle those old feelings whenever they wanted, and connect in deeper ways!
The truth shall set you free, but few have access to it, but now you do, if you have the courage to act, NOW.
The brain is the largest sex organ, and in order to release the Erotic Mind, you have to know THE TRUTH.  Those that understand hypnosis and NLP have the tools, they just need to be correctly applied. Sexual dysfunction is based in the mind.  Free the mind, and the rest will follow, easily and effortlessly.

I have been studying and helping people with these issues for 25 years.  I found these issues were closely interrelated in clients who saw me for weight loss, addictions, self confidence, compulsions, and of course in relationships.  When I studied the inner workings of the neuro-pathways in the brain, it all made sense.

My new course, Erotic Mind Control, will bust open the myths about sex, and open up the Erotic Mind for you and your clients, in ways you never thought possible.
 Learn your Erotic IQ and your Sexual IQ (they are very different) use this to teach others. 
Don’t let the PC crowd stop you from learning about this very personal, but yet core issue of human growth. Follow the road less traveled, the road to true freedom and happiness. Only you can convince yourself  to join the leaders who will help change the course.   
Miami September 13 and 14, 2014 prelaunch.
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Venice September 27,28 2014
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