NLP Master Trainer Certification- LIVE TRAINING December 6-11,2014
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA Regularly $3995.00  Now! $1995

Just added USA Nov 17 to 21, 2014 Venice Florida! Call for Info on this one and if you qualify!!
William D. Horton, Psy. D. CAC is a Licensed Psychologist who has been at the cutting edge of NLP for over 25 years. He was responsible for the shortening and making NLP more accessible.He “Broke the Code” and silence of NLP and teaches the inner  secrets of NLP. He is one of the handful of non police to attend the FBI  Crises/Hostage course at the FBI Academy. He has won more awards in the field of Hypnosis and NLP from independent organi:ations than anyone. He was one of the 6 chosen to be a 1l1aster instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists.He has written articles and books on the subject.
He has taken NLP all over the world and loves to share the inner  working of the mind.
Would  you like  to be one of the few people  that  are  shaping the  future of NLP?  Would  you  like  to a leader in the field and help  to affect  a drastic positive differ·ence in people’s lives?
Many people think about it, but few have the courage and fortitude to accept the responsibility for changing the world. Many are called few are chosen.
I  see  a  true  need   for  highly   skilled,  expertly  trained  Master   Trainers  to  take  NLP  and  the  NFNLP methodology   to  the next  level  by  training  the  next  level  of  NLP  Master  Trainers  who  train  new  NLP Trainers. It is time for a new level of cutting edge NLP and Waking Hypnosis trainers  to come forth!
Just as film makers create powerful  emotional  responses in people with their use of color, mood, tone, mood, and a singer uses their voice and inflection,  and writers use the written word to touch our subconscious, we as Master Trainers can touch people at deep subconscious levels with our trainings and presentations.
•      To Train  Basic  NLP one has to operate one level and track two levels of thought  and it is easy as your students have a limited knowledge base.
•      To Train  Master NLP  one has operate  on two levels  and  track multiple  levels of consciousness and keep ahead of your students who have a solid knowledge ofNLP.
•      To train Trainers of NLP one has to do all of the above and install the mindset needed to be successful as a leader of leaders. You have to be comfortable  with the inner workings ofNLP and Hypnosis as your students are teachers.
All  trainers  have  experienced  events  or  circumstances  that  lead  to our  students  responding  in ways  that challenge  us deeply  and  this can  cause self  doubt, fearful,  or  left us  less than  resourceful.  Although  we cannot  control external  events we can learn to use EVERYTHING  as a leaning experience  for our students and for us. This will allow you to turn unexpected  situations, into a source of possibility  and opportunities that you can covertly install into the training.

Master Trainers need  to be able to operate at one level above what you’re doing at the time. You need to be able to track multiple levels of trainings and install these things in your students by the skilled use of waking hypnosis  and metaphors while teaching a conscious skill set.
As you may be awa re, a prerequisite of this course is NLP Trainer Training with  an NFNLP Trainer.
Dr. Horton  has created exercises especially  for you to explore, experiment, discover and learn, incorporating an exciting and refreshing synthesis  ofNLP, waking Hypnosis, metaphor  and story utilization, He brings his background of theater and performing to help you expand  your skills. This training is designed to take you to your deep inner  capacities to support, and expand your training style and the ways in which you have been thinking about  teaching, learning  will deeply change. And, knowing Dr. William Horton, you can know they will be laughs, delightful surprises, and much more to deepen  and expand your knowledge ofNLP and bring forth greater potential into action.
In this training a select group of individuals will learn:
•Grow you skills  and abilities to levels of excellence in story telling and waking hypnosis in ways that will blow your mind.
•Learn to  use  whatever attitudes, states, or  responses that come  from your  audience  and use them  as examples, and metaphors for what you ‘re trying to teach or have your group experience.
•You will grasp the true subconscious relationship between teaching and  lea rning, and will grasp how to take  your  new  on  the  spot  learning  and  transform   it  to  you  group  and  have  them  think  your  genius  is apparent.
•Break whatever fears that have stopped your true growth as a trainer.
•You will learn how to take the fearful, a nd stressful a reas and tum them into things that are fun and easy to do.
•How  to use nested  loops in your waking hypnosis as you train.
•The smaller class size will enable deep interaction for more learning.
•Each student will receive personal  follow  up by phone and email to ensure growth and that you reach your goals. TillS PERSONAL COACIDNG BY DR.HORTON alone is worth the fee for the class!

If  you  think you have the skill set, or would like to develop one, to be a leader in our field join us on the path less traveled the path of excellence and commitment.

This class  is normally $3995  but there is a limited  time discount  to $1995.

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