A Note From Student

Good to see that you’re still moving ahead with NLP and training. Just wanted to drop one of those life experiences with you.
I run a dog treat company, baking and distribution. Nothing great, but it pays bills. Recently I was developing new products and came across a fruit that has outstanding properties for improving health. Again, there are a number of them out there that are touted to be (fill in the claim du jour.) I make a switch, develop a vision, apply knowledge to the vision and embrace that. I decide to make a juice for people, which as you can imagine is a great leap from Fido’s food.
¬†Here is the long and short of the story. I go out and use NLP techniques to talk the “right way” to store buyers, and for anybody with experience, getting new items into food stores is not remotely easy. So what happens, everybody says “Yes!” Now, is it the product, some of the acceptance is, yes. Is it the concept, there are plenty of good ones. Is it being able to have another person feel the vision I have and with that move to ordering the product, absolutely. Selling is making the listener feel a positive and want more.
So, if anybody questions if NLP can work for them, absolutely, but it will only start when they have something to convey to the listener.