A Secret Revealed!

Martin Luther King. Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Zig Ziglar, JFK, Gandhi, Brendon Burchard, Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Depak Chopra, what do they all have in common?  They reached the heights of their fields using the spoken word. Why?

Martin Luther King was not the first preacher to speak for civil rights.

Tony Robbins did not invent NLP or teach it differently (at first).

Bill Clinton was not the first Governor to run for president.

Zig Ziglar was not the first sales trainer.

JFK was not the first war hero to run for president.

Ghandi was not the first leader to want to break from British rule.

Bendon Bruschard is not the first to talk of following your passions.

Barack Obama is one of many senators who ran for president.

Winston Churchill was not the first, (or sadly) the last wartime leader.

Depak Chopra was not the first medical doctor to speak of health.

Many people want to truly impact the world with their message, They have a passion to share but they do not know how. They do not know the way, or it has been blocked.

Throughout history those that are able to share their passion, strength, and hope can inspire millions. However the ability to do this is a closely guarded secret, and many who do manage to break through really can’t share with you how they did it. The what makes them, them.

Then the powers that be will stifle and block others who try to break through. You know this.

Do you have a dream, do you have a special message you would like to get out, a burning desire you want to share with the world? But you have never been able to
breakthrough, maybe not to millions, but to those who desperately need your message.

Its not your fault, you may have the idea but no one has shown you how to do it. Those that say they can usually want to stifle you, or they steal your message. They may have a vested interest in keep you down.

Very few know how do this, and the select few who do usually have no interest in sharing this info. They use it for themselves and they do not want competition. You have suspected this, have you not?

I am like you, but sad to say and admit, I too have been lead off the path. Recently I came across some notes I took when I was talking with Ormand McGill, the Dean of American Hypnotists, and it started me thinking about our conversation and started me praying and meditating on where I am and where I want to be. Then I had a dream that made it become crystal clear. I have spent 30 years developing a skill set and have enjoyed every step of the way and it has lead me all over the world.

The dream made me realize lately I have been teaching and exploring areas of the mind that interest me, and although useful, have gotten me off my true passion and what my mission is: To create the next leaders in human development, the cutting edge Hypnosis, NLP and mind trainers. To help shape the future by shaping the next leaders. 

To do this I had to break the code of what makes those I mentioned at the top who they are and help you install this in yourself. I have been training Master Trainers in NLP for years and suddenly realized that is only part of the what they need to truly excel.

To accomplish this we will have to coach you through a process to rip out those old beliefs and get you going on a path few have the courage to follow, their destiny. It is not for everybody, only those who are committed to leading the world in a new direction.

Can it be done? Put aside politics for a minute, but in 2006 Barack Obama was a little known senator from Illinois who RAPIDLY became leader of the free world. Can you think back to our excited many were about his Message? Hope & Change. He dared to lead and share his message with the world.

We need to break though those barriers put up by the select few who want to hold you and me back. I know that you, like me, want to see this happen. Join me, I am reaching out.

I have decide the upcoming Master Trainer course will not only teach you how to become an elite trainer, but we will spend the first few weeks helping you, through private and group coaching, to shape you into the mental warrior you want top be and also fine tune your message so it can impact the world, or the group you so desire to help.

This is limited opportunity and I can’t help everyone, only those that have the courage to take action, NOW. Is that you??

You have to contact me and apply. Not everyone will be allowed in.

Look for a video of this subject soon!

So if you have a message you want to share, A passion that needs to be let out, now is the time.

Join me on the road to Happy Destiny.