Secrets to Change

Over the next few e zines I will go over some little known secrets to change and the reasons many Hypnotists, NLPers, and therapists fail at implementing real change. I know that all of you, like me, want to help others achieve the change they want as easily, quickly  and naturally as possible.

Since we are all fans, firm believers and want this, why is there a problem? How many of us have searched for the answer, and of course all the internet guru’s teach classes on this. In fact it seems every week they have a new class on the subject. Depending on the list you end up on, the answers are, the Secret, mind power, Positive Mental Attitude, EFT, or some new NLP or hypnosis technique. The problem you get a new offer every day or two.

The interesting part is how can there be so many answers that do not work? What seems to be the true bottleneck to successful change?

As I think of this I am always reminded of Ormand McGill and an insight he gave me in 1992 that I have been working with since then and it has helped me improve my work, and it has lead me to a couple of conclusions based on how we now know about how the mind/brain actually works.  It also explains why the techniques work when they do, and why they may not when they don’t. It also sheds light on why it is easier for us to work with certain types of people and not others.

The first secret is Intention, but intention with a bio feedback loop few know about. Ormand would stress that the intention of the hypnotist (or therapist) is paramount for success. In the stage arena he talked about you have to picture the person doing exactly what you suggest, AND you had to have their best interests in mind so you have to have good intention.

We all have good intention, do we not, so why the problem? Subconscious blocks and the neuro feedback loop. This can be the success killer in many of us.

So how can a neuro feedback loop destroy your intention. Well it is actually a simple process. If you believe that for your intention to work and have that connection with your target (client) at a higher conscious level, you must be totally aligned with that intention your sending, or it will be blocked, and in fact your block may be transferred to your target.

The best example I have of this is when someone is teaching a prosperity technique, but they themselves do not manifest this, so their block will be sent to the target as well. The feedback loop in your subconscious is in place so to maintain congruence with your true belief, you send out the energy to sabotage your target (client)  to ensure your beliefs are supported.

Many people try to get around this by saying they don’t want the financial rewards or whatever, but you inner mind follows through on those true desires. I also see this in weight loss, where a hypnotist who has a weight issue has only so much success with weight loss clients. It seems to be easy to get them to an area, YOU BELIEVE SUBCONSCIOUSLY, is right, and it will be as easy or as difficult for your client as it is for you. Both in weight, prosperity or whatever it is your working on.

A story: A few years ago I had gained some weight, OK I got fat, but it was in alignment to my beliefs at that time, and those of those around me, and most of people I were around had gained weight, BECAUSE DON’T WE ALL PACK ON WEIGHT AS WE MATURE? I also started having trouble with clients getting really super fit and lean (as was I). I consciously intended for them to get fit and lean, but I was not congruent in my own beliefs, was I not? They were modeling me at an unconscious level.

I started training hard in martial arts and decided to compete, so I knew I had to make weight, I also started hanging with super fit people. I dropped the weight and got into fighting shape. I went to 2 conferences and I got a lot of “Are You OK, you dropped a lot of weight” type statements. It kind of surprised me. To many I must have been ill to drop 15 pounds like that, in a few months. When I went deeper most of those who could not believe how easy it was for me, had my old beliefs, and many said it was not normal to look “that way” (abs, lean) at our age. When pushed they fell back into: “Well its just easy for you, and its not normal”. Interesting and many revealed their success with their weight loss clients had slowed down. This was when I first started the “Why are there so many fat hypnotists, NLPers, and nutritionists?”

Next week we will go over the little known secret of why your comfort with change, how easy you accept change in your life, will be a reflection of your success with others.  Then we will wrap up with how deal with these issues. There is a great story with this.

Till next time, Gods Speed.