Star Trek and New Ideas

Star Trek and Accepting New ideas! Star Trek and Accepting New ideas!

Well just saw the new Star Trek and loved it. I have seen every Trek movie at the opening. The whole Trek universe is a great metaphor as you all know. Duty, Fellowship, friendship, loyalty, honor and sacrifice are the message taught in story form. Of course they use the archetypes we find throughout history. The fearless warrior leader (Kirk) The scientist thinker (Spock), the healer (Bones) the fixer (Scotty), the young student learners (Chekov and Sulu), the great communicator (Uhura) and of course bad guys. Good overcomes evil, treasonous plots uncovered and stopped, and loyalty and friendship endures. If you want to become a hypnotic story teller these types of stories teach the basics.

The most interesting thing to me is the ongoing whining from the “Old Guard” who complain: “Its not the original”, “It’s not as PURE” and on and on. Well I love the original and the reboot and understand that to go after a new market. Let’s face it; the “Hard Core Originals” are not the target market. To appeal to the new customers, one must adapt to the changing market place and give them what they want, in a style they want.

How many of us fall into this thinking? We hear it in the NLP and Hypnosis world. It is the metaphorical analogy of the changing of the guard. The old guard must adapt and change to stay with the current trends.

I am starting to offer new classes in new ways in response to what people have been requesting.

The webinar home based class “How To create A Six Figure Cash Hypnosis/NLP Practice” went over great and I will be offering it again real soon watch for details, in the meantime watch the overview here

The first upcoming class “Ultimate Fat Loss For Professionals” (Why do those who know more, Nurses, hypnotists, NLPers, Nutritionists have weight issues?) will start May 28, 2013 at 9 AM  ET for 4 weeks

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The  other  class “Alcohol and Addiction Solution”

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Until next time enjoy and Gods Speed!

Dr. Will Horton