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National Federation of NLP Returns to California!  First Time in 15 years!

Certified NLP Basic Practitioner Course with Dr. William D. Horton

Friday, June 19 through Monday, June 22, 2015


Location: Banyan Hypnosis Center
1431 Warner Avenue, Suite E
Tustin, CA 92780

(714) 258-8380 – (800) 965-3390

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Hello, this is Cal Banyan…  Let me introduce my friend and National Guild of Hypnotists colleague, Dr. William Horton, or as I call him, “Will”.  I have known Will for many years and I have always been impressed by his warmth, good humor and professionalism.  I’ve always thought that it would be great if I could get him to come to the Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. and conduct his highly respected “Ultimate Basic NLP” course.  I am not an expert in NLP by any means, but have been a long believer that when you add NLP, done right, to hypnosis, or especially 5-PATH® Hypnosis, you will have a winning combination that can only work in the practitioner’s benefit.  This is why I call 5-PATH® an “open system”.  I urge all serious hypnosis professionals to study NLP and Will’s course is the best place to start!

Well, after much schedule juggling and communication, we finally did it.  Will is coming to California!  I don’t know if or when we will ever be able to make this happen again, so I want to urge you to read the information below and then register for this course!


Ultimate NLP Course by Dr. William Horton
“World’s Leading NLP Trainer”

Dates: June 19 – 22, 2015

Real World Authority and Teacher   30 years of experience teaching both large and small audiences filled with individuals who want to be more successful in life, including professionals like counselors, doctors, hypnotherapists, business people as well as regular moms and dads!

Learn Easily, Effortlessly, and Rapidly – NOW!
Dr. William Horton Working with Individuals in this Group

Why is this Ultimate NLP Course so important?  Because you will be amazed with how these “basic” NLP skills can change your life!  And you will learn fast because Dr. Horton uses NLP to teach NLP.

Much greater success can happen for you…  I know that you have hopes and dreams of living a great life, you want to experience a new freedom and a new happiness and you know there must BE A WAY but you have not yet found it. You want to experience the ability to help your family and friends in every way.

You deserve a life of Happiness and Abundance and have sought it for years. You may have tried countless courses and books only to have always been left disappointed and let down. The hype never delivers. You keep going, but you’re about TO GIVE UP HOPE. You now may live lives of quiet desperation and you seek A Way Out. I know that you, like me want these answers, and want them NOW.

You just need the keys!  It is not your fault; you have never been given ALL THE KEYS to get you where you want to go. Maybe you had little pieces here and there, but it has never come together for you. That is why you keep searching; you have seen others succeed, so you know it can happen. Why has all the other courses failed?  It again it is not your fault, no one has given you the blueprint you can follow, or they only gave you an edited version, the limited information that they know.

And Then It Hit Me!

Like Napoleon Hill said it years ago, that the way to true happiness and wealth is helping others, when you help others get what they want they give you what you want.  As Zig Ziglar stated “You can have everything you want in life, if you just help other people get what they want.”


I am like you, but with a fortunate difference!  I dreamed of a great life, and then I had problems that took it away from me. I was down but not out. I was LUCKY enough to learn a set of skills that not just saved my life it gave me a life worth living. When I incorporated these skills into my life, miracles happened. I helped others overcome addictions, fix their businesses, repair broken relationships, lose weight and many other issues.  I became a psychologist and traveled the world teaching others. This is what I do now.

When you get these skills it allows you to design a life based on helping others.

  • My purpose, passion, and mission are to teach these skills to others as they have given me so much.
  • I broke the code and revealed the inner secrets behind the magic!

I want to give you these life-changing keys!  If you dream of a rewarding, fulfilling life of abundance, it is not your fault you have not gotten there yet; you have not been given the keys, the most important basic NLP skills that I want to teach you.

THIS IS NO ORDINARY NLP COURSE…  I have gone through every known NLP technique taught and in this course, we focus on the most effective and applicable ideas and techniques!  Everything else has been ripped away.  I do this because I want you to experience a tremendous difference in your life because of this course.

Just show up ready to work and learn!  It does take effort, work, and commitment. Those get rich schemes that sound “too good to be true”, are, but the good news is when you have THE SECRETS – THESE KEYS, it is a fun joyous journey.

Basic NLP, Learn to Step into Other’s Minds, EASILY – The Key to Mastering Communication & Influence

Why do “They” (those who want to control these secrets) want to make this material so hard to get, weeks of trainings, hours of USELESS info, why not cut to the user friendly, “Street Smart” uses of NLP?

You Learn Fast & Easily – Because I Use NLP to Teach NLP

  • All The Basic Material, Easy & Fast
  • How To Anchor Anyone
  • Magic Information Questions!
  • Beyond Rapport

Student’s Comment

“I Had Taken Courses from THE Founders of NLP, But This Is The Real Deal”

Of all the trainings in NLP that I have been exposed to, Will Horton, and NFNLP is the only training that brings it down to earth, and gives you techniques you can use the next day in your life!

I got to experience NLP for the first time, not theory, not talking about it, but doing it! If you want to learn real deal NLP, take a course from Will Horton today

I knew that NLP had things that I wanted so I took classes with the founders [of NLP], Richard Bandler and John grinder, I even took classes with Anthony Robbins, but they never gave me the tools I needed.

This course and Dr. Will Horton’s unique style gave me the things I had been searching for. It allowed me to help more people and along the way change my life! Don’t delay jump aboard NOW

Constance P.  Michigan


Here is what you need to know to make it to this life-changing course!

Who – Dr. Will Horton – “World’s Leading NLP Trainer”

What – Ultimate “Basic” NLP Certification Course – Easy to learn because it is taught using NLP.

Where – Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc – Tustin, California (Orange County)

When – June 19 through 22, 2015
Here is what to do next!

If you want to be in this special “West Coast” class appearance and get this “Basic” NLP Certification, then click the button at the top or bottom of this page.

If you have questions about travel or lodging, please give Maureen at the Banyan Hypnosis Center a call.  She is an expert at helping you with these kinds of arrangements.

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